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Uses of digital devices for communication

  • text messages
  • social networking sites
  • instant messaging
  • voice calls
  • video calls
  • media messages
  • emails
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Uses of digital devices for leisure

  • taking videos and photos with cameras
  • streaming films
  • playing games on games consoles
  • listen to music and watch films with personal media players
  • reading with ebook readers
  • keep up to date with social media
  • watch channels on digital tv
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Uses of digital devices when travelling

  • find routes using a sat nav and Global Positioning System
  • track locations of cars and vans
  • geotag images
  • check in to locations
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factors to consider when choosing a device

  • battery life
  • user interface
  • connectivity
  • security
  • cost
  • purpose
  • compatibility with other devices
  • storage capacity
  • speed of internet
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common features


  • controls the functions of the device

Internal Memory

  • where the program instructions and data are stored

Flash memory

  • peripheral that can transfer data between devices
  • no moving parts
  • doesn't lose data when turned off
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Types of flash memory

  • Micro Sd card
  • SDHC (High Capacity Card)
  • USB flash drive/ memory stick
  • SD card (Secure Digital Card)
  • SDXC card (Extended Capacity Card)
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input and output devices

touch sensitive dial

  • skipping songs


  • pointing and inputting device


  • used to enter tect

game controller

  • used for gaming

touch screen

  • input device controlled by finger or stylus

graphics tablet

  • input drawings
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output devices


  • allows user to hear audio output

docking station

  • amplifies output of small devices
  • charges device


  • allows one person to hear audio output


  • allows user to produce a hard copy


  • inbuilt display screens or monitor
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data cable connection

  • USB cable
  • allows mobiles to be connected to computers running the correct software


  • wireless connection over short distances
  • uses radio waves


  • wireless connection over longer distances
  • uses radiowaves
  • allows devices to connect with a computer network and the internet
  • allows devices to connect to peripherals such as printers and speakers
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mobile phones functions

core fuctions

  • make calls on the move
  • send text messages

added functions

  • convergence
  • cameras, games, music

multifunctional mobile phones

  • take photos and videos
  • browse the internet
  • navigation device (GPS)
  • data storage of photos music and videos
  • boosts productivity and management
  • entertainment
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mobile phones security

  • hide the phone
  • set a pin to unlock it
  • lock the SIM card
  • restrict bluetooth usage
  • record the unique IMEI number
  • set the phone to wipe data afer x amount of failed unlock attempts
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responsible use of mobile phones

  • don't cyber bully
  • don't use it and drive at the same time
  • recycle old phones
  • don't take photos of people without their permission
  • dont overuse it
  • dont use it in quiet places
  • dont use it when crossing roads
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personal computers

desktop computers

  • need input and output devices
  • have hard disk drives and optical drives
  • good connectivity
  • wireless communication
  • add extra functions

laptop computers

  • battery powered
  • hard disk drives
  • bluetooth and wifi
  • good connectivity
  • portable


  • robust
  • wifi
  • no hard disk
  • designed for cloud computing 
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personal computers features


  • lets computer support applications

processor speed

  • speed of the computer


  • allows computer to form part of a wireless network

sound/graphics card

  • allows user to see/hear graphics

storage capacity

  • amount of files that can be stored 

battery life

  • amount of time device can be used before needing to be charged
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cameras and camcorders features

  • digital and optical zoom 
  • take photos record sound and record HD videos 
  • view images instantly on LCD screen
  • store large number of files using SD and micro SD cards
  • download files to a computer using USB or bluetooth
  • crop and edit photos on existing software
  • view files on the TV using USB or HDMI ports
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cameras and camcorders desirable features

GPS receiver

  • geographical coordinates are stored in the metadata
  • allows user to see exactly where photo was taken


  • email and upload images to online albums without downloading them first
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media player key features

  • small light and easy to carry
  • solid state memory
  • long battery life
  • hold a lot of media
  • set playlists
  • lock to prevent accidental activation
  • simple interfaces
  • compresses audio and video so more can be stored
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media player security features

  • uses antivirus software
  • remote management
  • encrypts data
  • factory reset feature
  • reactivates when correct passcode is entered
  • back data up to a computer
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media player connectivity

  • wireless transfer
  • wifi
  • bluetooth
  • infrared
  • HDMI port
  • USB port
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games console features

  • high resolution means HD games can be played
  • CD, DVD AND Blu-ray optical drives
  • USB, Bluetooth, wifi, and ethernet cable
  • multiplayer online gaming
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games console developments

smart tv

  • internet connection
  • on demand
  •  film and game streaming
  • online interactive media

phones and tablets

  • wired and wireless HDMI
  • play games on HD tv
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games console signs of overuse

  • give up other hobbies
  • grades drop
  • lie about time spent playing
  • waste all free time gaming
  • rather play games than socialise
  • irratated or agitated when not playing
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games console health risks

  • obesity
  • overuse injuries
  • joint and muscle problems
  • eye strain
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games console effects on behaviour

  • aggression
  • decreases empathy for others
  • less brain activity in areas that control emotions and thinking
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home entertainment systems

digital tv

  • more channels
  • high quality
  • more accessible
  • electronic program guide (EPG)
  • interactive features
  • save programmes and pause live tv


  • stream channels or films directly
  • access files stored in iCloud
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satellite navigation advantages

  • plan routes and give directions
  • check speed
  • warnings about speed cameras
  • live traffic reports
  • avoid congestion
  • find conviniences such as petrol stations
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satellite navigation health and safety risks

  • drivers causing accidents when trying to alter settings on a satnav
  • device may cause a blind spot
  • could lead drivers down unsafe roads
  • could take drivers to the wrong destination
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advantages and disadvantages of using a smartphone


  • always have your phone on you
  • easy small and light to carry
  • buy satnav apps


  • pay for expensive apps if not already pre-installed
  • subjected to data roaming charges as need an internet connection
  • decreases battery life quickly
  • doesn't always update quickly enough
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advantages of an online presence


  • showcase goods and sell online


  • reviews of products
  • more personal

social networking sites

  • monitor comments
  • engage in discussions

viral marketing

  • advertise services/ products through video uploads
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technology in education


  • make learning enjoyable


  • allows resources to be shared
  • hand in homework at any time

specialist software

  • improves and enhances learning

online registration and admin systems

  • improves efficiency


  • better online research
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