Perkin Warbeck

Just some notes on Perkin Warbeck

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Perkin in Ireland

  • Perkin firstly went to Ireland in the hope he would gain Yorkist support. He was claiming to be the youngest Prince in the Tower, Richard, Duke of York.
  • He gained little Irish support as the Irish had learned their lesson after supporting the previous pretender Lambert Simnel.
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Perkin goes to France

  • After gaining no support in Ireland, Charles VIII of France invited him over.
  • This was to embarress Henry VII and distract him from everything that was going on.
  • After the treaty of Etaples was made with France, Charles VIII no longer needed Perkin Warbeck and he was expelled from France.
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Perkin in Burgundy

  • After leaving France, Perkin Warbeck went over to Burgundy to get the support from the Holy Roman Emporer and Margaret of Burgundy.
  • Margaret of Burgundy was the sister of Edward IV and was keen to support anything that may remove Henry VII from the English throne.
  • The Holy Roman Emporer supported Warbeck for a while but then made a treaty with England which he felt would be more beneficial for Burgundy.
  • The treaty stated that he could not help any of Henry's enemies and so Warbeck had to leave Burgundy.
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Scotland helps Perkin

  • After leaving France James IV invited Perkin over.
  • James saw Warbeck as an excuse to invade England and have a a link to the English throne assuming Warbeck was who he said he was.
  • James married Warbeck to his cousin which meant he would certainly have a link to the English throne.
  • In 1496, Warbeck invades England with the help of 1,500 Scottish troops from James. The invasion fails when Henry sends an army to deal with the invasion.
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Perkin's captured

  • In 1497, Perkin Warbeck surrendered to Henry VII.
  • Henry made him admit who he really was, but rather than executing him, he kept him in his court and kept him in the Tower of London.
  • Henry also made a Treaty with Scotland and he married James VI to his daughter Margaret, to keep the peace between England and Scotland.
  • In 1499 he tried to escape the Tower of Londo, and it is thought he tried to take the Earl of Warwick with him.
  • Perkin was then hung, drawn and quartered.
  • A few weeks later the Earl of Warwick was beheaded.
  • This was the last major Yorkist threat to the Tudor dynasty.
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