Periodic Table

All you need to know about the periodic table.

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Founders of the periodic table

Founders of the periodic table

John Dalton - First to order elements by mass.

John Newlands - Law Of Octaves(8) - Noticed that every 8th element was similar (he made mistakes- not accepted).

Alexandre-emile Beguyer de Chancourtois - sorted out the elements showing the similarities between every 8th element - Diagram was too hard to understand.

Deitri Mendeleev - He left Gaps for elements that have not been dicovered yet -  Later elements where discoverd to fill in the blanks - Father of the modern periodic table - He arranged them so that a periodic pattern in their physical and chemical properties could be seen.

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How Elements are arranged

How Elements are arranged

  • Elements are arranged in Atomic Mass (proton number)
  • The number of the group represents the number of electons on the outer shell
  • as you go down the groups the number of outer shells increase but the number of electrons on the outer shell stay the same
  • as you go across th number of electrons increase so the number of protons also increases  
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Periodic Table


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