Perception & Dreaming

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How do we see our world?

Perception - the way the brain makes sense of the visual image detected by the eyes.

Retina - the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye. It is made up of nerve cells called rods and cones.

*light relected from an object enters the eye and makes an image on the retina

Rods- light- sensitive in the retina that respond even in dim light.

*edge of the retina

Cones - light-sensitive cells in the eye that can detect colour.

*centre of the retina

Optic nerve - bundle of nerve cells that leads out from the retina at the back of the eye. It carries information from the rods and cones to the brain. 

*thick stalk at the back of the eye. The nerve impulses in the optic nerve are nerve are carried to the brain.

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