People and ICT Systems

People and ICT Systems


Characteristics of Users

a user is someone who uses a computer systmes 

ITC systems should be desigbsed and devlopeed to be a easy to user freindsly as possbily 

user requeriments are dependen upon the user 


physcial Charactites 

Evvroiment of uses 

task t be undertake 


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when somethink  new is introued most  user will need to be trained to uses it 

dependisng upon previous experince using ITC will inpact on the desgig of the ITC soultion and what traning need to be undertaken 

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physcal characteristics

evyone need to be able to ues computers. 

sensory inpairmetns- consding font and font size. may also need  screen reader

physclai dissblt voci activated sofwear  head mounted pointers 

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enviroment of uses

ITC many be used 

at  home 

on the move

at work 

requiment of ITC  system must take this into account 

laptop is genaeraly smaller than  a desktop  computer. so a systems  would have less cluttered screen design if it manly used on  laptop

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task to be undertaken

ITC system will designed with a  common task taken into accout 

if there is a lot text to be entred could a automatic  methods of date enery be used. 

such as OCR(optical character recgroisation) or 

OMR optial mark recogstion 

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you would not deesigne an interface aimed at priamry school child in the same way as for an adult user. 

due to poople liveing longer.  this then mean   that they are more older poople who want to use ITC systems. either out of own intreset or out of necessity. 

this would inckde takeing into  consideration user  experience accessilbl option.  such as a screen reader 

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acessiblity options

consdier you user diffrent ages, nationattlies, siuations abbillites experience ETC. 

use plain laguage 

expalin diffculft words or phases (glossary) 

translation options. 

abbillity to uses a screenreader. 

abillity to chagne text size. 

abily to chage colour contrast 

help  feauter 

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GUI ( graphical user interface) 

CDI  (command driven interfaces)

CLI (command line interface) 

natural lanagauge interface 

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the most popular   human computr interface use by sofwear manufacuers for sysyems and appliaction sofwear.  with the GUI the mouse is used as the main input devises. 

a GUI consisits.






drag and drop 


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the user has to remember and issue commands to ICT system to get it do something.  

sometimes the commands are entred using th keyboard and sometimes they entered using list of commands. 

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natural language interfaces

allow the abiiyl for user to issue instuiti to tge OCT sysmes in the sma eway we cna issues nstrcutin to another human being 

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type of help

on line help 


appropraite trainng 

  • online 
  • face to face
  • paper based guids 

exsting user base- asking those aroudn you 

help desk 

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