Pecuniary Insurance


Pecuniary Insurance - Classes of Insurance

Fidelity Guarantee - This insurance covers the risk of losing money or stock, by the fraud or dishonesty of a person holding a position of trust

Legal Expenses - An insurance for individuals, families and businesses to enable them to meet the cost of seeking legal advice or pursuing/defending civil actions

Credit - This insurance covers the business against the risk of non-payment

Business Interruption - Insurance against losses due to an interruption in the business occurring immediately after and in consequence of, material damage to property

Political Risk - Insurance that can be taken out by businesses against the risk that revolution or other political conditions will result in a loss

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) - This insurance was originally sold to cover the 'gap' between the amount paid out by a motor insurance policy and the amount still to be repaid on the finance that was taken out to buy the vehicle (where that amount was larger)

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