Hitler's Germany

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Explain the impact of the Wall St Crash on Nazi Ge


6 million by 1932, homless and starving, many turned to violence.

Turning Against Government

Problems within the Government, Bruning cutting employment benefit and cutting salaries of government employees.

Banks and Business

Banks had to recall loans to USA, they had no money, 20,000 businesses closed.

Rise of Nazi Party

1932- 230 seats in the Reichstag, appealed to everyone and people's nationilsm. Gave people someone to blame

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Explain how Nazis built support after the Wall St.

Appeal to everyone

Made promises to people for example farmers and self-sufficieny

Gave them someone to blame

Jews and politicians (stabbed in the back) also that Jews were greedy and thriving in wealth at the expense of the poor German people. Exploit Weimar weakness (Stresseman dies in 1929)

Fear (SA)

Set up in 1921 and used fear and intimidation amongst the people of Germany.


Josef Goebbels (known as the 'spin doctor') joined the party in 1924. Simple ideas, short messages and powerful slogans.

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