peace making 1918-1919 and the league of nations

º How did the Treaty of Versailles establish peace?

º Why did the League of Nations fail in its aim to keep peace?

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the paris peace conference

WOODROW WILSON - PRESIDENT OF USA, aimed for a fair Treaty that would ensure that Europe would not entangle America in another war, further she wanted to be able to trade with Europe.

GEORGE CLEMENCEAU - PRESIDENT OF FRANCE , aimed for a harsh Treaty, to punish and weaken the Germans so that they could not fight again. They wanted revenge and payment.

DAVID LLOYD GEORGE - PRIMEMINISTER OF BRITAIN, aimed for a Treaty that would not promote a revengeful Germany yet his people wanted punishment and payment

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the treaty of versailles


GUILT -Germany had to accept full responsibility for the war

PAYMENT -Germany had to pay the allies £6,600 million in reparations

DISARNMENT - Germany's armed forces restricted to 100,000 men, only volunteers allowed, no subs, tanks or planes, just 6 battleships

RHINELAND -The border between France and Germany was to become de-militerised so no troops were allowed to be stationed there at all. Also the SAAR was to become controlled by the LofN and would have a plebiscite after 15 years.

ANSCHLUSS - Germany was not allowed to unite with Austria

SUDETENLAND - An area of land taken from Germany and given to Czechoslovakia.

DANZIG - The Polish Corridor was created which effectively split Germany in half and seperated East Prussia from the rest of Germany. This was given to Poland so that it had access to the sea and the League of Nations controlled free port of DANZIG.

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The Manchurian Crisis 1931–1933


Japan wanted to invade Manchuria, a disputed territory due to the natural resources there. The army blew up a part of the railway and blamed China, taking the opportunity to attack. China appealed to the League of Nations who sent Lord Lytton to write up a report.
The report decided Japan were in the wrong. But Japan simply left the League and took control of Manchuria - a clear weakness in the League

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The Abyssinian Crisis 1935–1936

A clash between Italian and Abyssinians at Wal Wal led to this invasion. Mussolini wanted to 'flex his muscles' and impress his country. He sent in guns, tanks and poison gas using the French/Anglo controlled Suez Canal.
Haile Seliesse soon called upon the League to help but the Hoare-Laval Pact that was drawn up was leaked and there was soon a public outcry. 

Again a Dictator stepped all over the League. Hitler was able to take the Rhineland whilst this was going on.

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