Peace and Justice


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Attitudes towards war; the Just War...

The conditions of Just War were designed to prevent and limit wars

The conditions of Just War are;

  • it must be fought by a legal recognised authority eg goverment
  • the cause of the war must be just
  • the war must be ought with the intention to establish good or correct evil
  • there must be a reasonable chance of success
  • the war must be the last resort
  • only sufficent force must be used and civilians must not be involved.
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Use of violence and Pacifism....

In the Old Testament, people are often told to go to war by God. It also looks forward to a time of peace when nations no longer fight each other.

Howver the sixth commandments says "You shall not murder"

Jesus taught that peacemakers are blessed and that people should love their enemies

Most Christians believe war and fighting are wrong except in severe conditions.

Some Christians (Quakers) do not fight duting warfare- instead theyy are prepared to go into battle as medics or driving ambulances

Other Christians are prepared to fight

Many Christians believe that they should protest non-violently when injestics is being done- such as marches, speeches, advertisment campaigns.

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Treatement of Criminals...

Christianity teaches about love and forgiveness for enemies

Christians believe it is right to have a system of laws as it protects people

Some Christians accept the death penalty as parts of the Old Testament recommend it is for serious crimes.

Others believe it is wrong as life is sacred

Christians belive the punishment has four aims;

  • Deterrence- warns of others
  • Protetion- protects public from further crimes
  • Retribution-person is paid back for what they have done
  • Reformation- it gives the criminal a chance to become a better person
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Socail Injustice...

...means that people are being given fewr rihts of privileges than others

Christians believe all injustice is wrong as people are equally valuable to God

The Bible teaches it is wrong to mistreat the weak

Some Christains join organisations which promote racial equality. An example is Amnesty International helping people who have been injestly prisoned.

Some Christians visit local prisons and try to help improve conditions in UK prisons, aswell as some becoming (missionaries) aid-workers, and help improve conditions for others eg builder, doctor, nurse

Liberation Theology puts Christian beliefs about injustie into action by speaking out against injustice in south America countries where people are oppressed.

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