Card 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • "From a boy with lots of love. He says he likes them friction treated"
  • "they can't say I pinch the dough and eat it"
  • 'Ah think its all an allegory abaht Cleon, "cahz  he's eating **** these days down amerng the dead men" 
  • "Well, I think we'd better explain the plot to  you people" - Metatheatre
  • "He used to mutter to himself 'I wonder how I can manage to go up and see Zeus?'"
  • "he started making little ladders to climb up to heaven on"
  • "He rubbed the creature down like a colt and he said to it 'Well, my little pegasus, my noble winged stead, soon you'll be flying up to Zeus with me on your back"
  • "Hold thy tongue, thou meddling slave" - tragic parody
  • "They should also put a wall Round any heap of **** at all"
  • "'They should all set thier arses tight' 
  • "I'll prosecute him for betraying Greece to the Mede" - is desperate for peace - punish Zeus to get it 
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Card 5, 6, 7

  • 'Is it true, is it true, thou hast flown with the birds And sped on the breezes of hell' - tragic parody
  • 'But shouldst thou not have flowen on Pegasus / To make the gods think thee a tragic hero?'
  • 'But then I would have needed double rations / whereas this beetle - everything I eat Will subsequenlty serve as food for him' - beetle will eat his poo 
  • 'I have a rudder ready to be used" - phalus
  • "am I not riding the beetleship?" - ref to Kantharos Harbour
  • 'Why Beetle harbour, dowmn at the Peiraeus: - ref to Kantharos harbour - can mean 'beetle'
  • 'Could you possibly abstain from ******** and farting for the next three days?' - to audeince - people of athens 
  • 'From **** refrain thy nostrils and thy nose from mortal turds'
  • 'you down there, the crane handler, do for heavens sake be a bit more careful' - metratheatre'
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Card 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

  • 'How dare you come here, you villanest of villians'
  • Well, greeddyguts, I wasnt a villain for long, was I? - Hermes easily bribed
  • 'Far, far away, fight in the furthest recesses of the sky'
  • 'They were fed up with you greeks'
  • 'They got war to move and said he could do as he pleased with you,
  • 'they set up house as high in heaven as they could get, so they douldnt either see you fighting each other or hear you praying to them'
  • War has taken her and thrown her into a deep dark cave' 
  • 'a gigantic mortar' - 'Pound every city in Greece to a pulp'
  • 'call him terrible and fercoius and the Emptier of Bowels'
  • 'Ruin to Prasidae, city of leeks' that the spartans headache
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Card 12

  • 'Megara, city of garlic' - 'Megara will weep today, all right - effect of garlic'
  • 'Sicily, city of cheese'
  • 'Attica honey on top' - I should use another kind if I were you. The Attica costs four obels'
  • 'You didnt pack your punch with that garlic, did you?'
  • 'the Athenians have lost thier pestle' - Cleon
  • 'The Spartans have lost thier pestle too' - Brasidas
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Card 13 and 14

  • 'We can pull our beloved Peace out of her prison'
  • 'See, the redcoats are dismayed' - Spartans - red cloaks - wanted war
  • 'For once it wasn't 'Come prepared with three days rations' - call to war
  • If youre not carefull hell start bawling in Paphlagonian like he did when he was alive' - Cleon
  • 'We're not dancing. It our legs, theyre so happy theyre disobeying orders and dancing on thier own'
  • 'our left legs are complaining of discrimination' - won't stop dancing
  • 'Travel, rest, screw, go to the Olympic Games' - lesuire - peace
  • 'I've had enough of beds of straw as used by Phormio' - famous general
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Card 15, 16

  • 'Miserable mortal, you shall die for this'
  • 'I haven't bought my barley and cheese, and nobody ever goes of to die without thier three days rations' - military joke
  • 'I'm under orders from Zeus 'Cry it from the rooftops', he said, 'shout aloud, let thy vioce be piercing; esle I shall level thee with the dust'
  • 'Could you lend me three drachmas for a piglet, then, so I can see to my iniation. Mustn't risk losing my eternal bliss' - Mysteries of Elusis'
  • 'We'll turn the great Pan-Athenain Games into a feast to Hermes, we'll make the Mysteries yours and the feasts of Zeus and Adonis yours'  - highly unlikely
  • 'Dear me, I've always had a soft spot for gold'
  • 'May he drop his shield, like Cleonymus'
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Card 16

  • Hail to Apollo, our sheild and healer
  • 'Do you have to mention sheilds'
  • Hail to Apollo, our and healer'
  • 'But not to Ares'
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Card 17, 18

  • 'Lamachus it's you! Youre just obstructing things'
  • 'And those Argives. theyre not hauling at all, just laughing at everyone elses troubles like they've been doing for years'
  • 'the Megarians aren't doing anything either' - 'Why, they're biting the ropes' - starving 
  • 'the Spartans are pulling thier weight - 'only the ones in prison, and even they're finding it a bit hard, in those chains.' - Pylos
  • 'Athenians, stop sitting down on the job! This isn't the law courts, you know!'
  • 'The farmers by themselves now' - farmers can do a better job than politicians
  • Welcome, Harvest. Welcome, festival' - only happen in peacetime
  • 'A kit bag! that of vinegar, onions and bad breath'
  • 'this little darling smells of vineyards and parties and festivals'
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Card 19,

  • 'Peace only likes real poets, not that lawcourt quibbler' - Eurphides joke
  • 'Dont you see that crest maker over there? He's tearing out his hair'
  • 'I think that one makes mattocks or something - the one that just farted in the sword maker's face'
  • 'all farmers may return to thier farms, taking thier impliments'
  • 'Pericles was afraid he'd share Pheidias' fate'
  • He threw a little firebrand into the City marked 'Megerian Decree' and in a momnent it was all ablaze, with him fanning the flame, and the smoke was in the eye of every Greek'
  • The Spartans were always greedy, and bad host as well, so they chucked Peace into the street and took War in instead'
  • athens - 'all they could think of was the grapes and figs they lost, and they turned to the politicians to help them. they knew very well that the ordinarny people were poor and short of bread; but they drove Peace out of town with a sharp goad made of bluster'  
  • 'Let sleeping Cleons lie' 
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Card 19, 20, 21

  • 'She says she came to you three times of her own accord after the Pylos campaign'
  • 'Her best friend, by a long way, is Cleonymus' - known for cowardice
  • 'Who's **** of the walk there on the Pynx' - 'Oh, Hyperboulus'
  • 'She's furoius with the People for choosing such a rotten leader'
  • 'I give you Harvest here to be your wife'


  • Our poet's booted this out, and given us work of art, great towering structures of words and thoughts not vulgar' - irony
  • 'When they see he's bald, will admiringly say 'Give old Baldy more sweet! Lets give honour, and shoe it, to one who resemble our noble poet'
  • When in thier pride brother's tried to sully Drama's name
  • they show their face in the market-place - old women flee from town'
  • O Muse most fair, hear our prayer, on them expectorate
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  • 'Except two or three lyric poets' - 'collectiing flitting dithyrabs'
  • 'Ion of Chios. Remember he wrote The Morning Star? Well, as soon as he got to heaven, they appointed him morning star'
  • You mean the gods have whorehouses, just like us? What a hypocritcal lot!'
  • 'Only some of them make thier living like that'
  • 'She'd better be prepared for a bit of licking here, too'
  • what do you think you're doing to her with that tool of yours?' - sexual joke
  • 'Get rid of this gear' - take of clothes
  • 'Members of the Executive Commitee, may I present to you Festival' - in charge og festivals'
  • 'wrestling on the mat, excercising on all four, sideways throws, gripping in a kneeling position' - sexual joke
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Card 23, 24, 25, 26

  • 'Think of drinking a goblet of wine that is new'
  • 'l-a-a-amb' - 'if someone says we ought to go to war, everybody will be terrified and go a-a-ah' 
  • 'and you can throw the rest into the audience'
  • He'll come here, play his flute, and demand his fees' - frowned upon
  • 'remix our elements and the elements of the greeks'
  • 'That way our sponsor won't lose a lamb' 
  • 'Begin carving please, and let me have the priests' dues'
  • This meat is roasting beatifully. I hope the same happens to your lungs'
  • 'while the beetle in flight fart foully, and while the goldfinch Crossed with a bell bring forth prematurely, and blind her offspring, still is the time not ripe that peace should be made by the Hellenes.' 
  • 'You will never be invited to dine in the City Hall again'
  • 'Are you ever going to stop trying to pull the wool over the Cities eyes?'
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26, 27, 28, 29

2nd Parabasis

  • 'back home he rigs the call-up, past all doubt, writes some names in and crosses others out'
  • 'You need somthing to clean the tables with? Here, use this; I've no need of it now' - military cloak
  • Before nobody would pay an obel for one of my sickles, or even for five dozen of them. Now I sell them at five drachmas apiece' 
  • 'So you mean to use a thousand drachma ciurass for ******** on?'
  • trumpet - 'you can use it to weight out figs in the orchard for your slaves'
  • spears - 'if you sawed them in half, I'd buy them to use as vine props'
  • 'The deed's of younger arms I sing-'
  • 'Hell take you and your battles You sing nothing but war, war, war! Who's boy are you?'
  • 'My daddy's Lamachus'
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  • 'Now is a Thracian decked with a sheild which once by a thicket, though it had done me no ill, I most unwillingly left'
  • 'With a father like yours youll never forget a song about dropping a shield' - Cleonymus' son
  • 'how sweet is her fig, how ripe is your ****?'
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