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2 Types: general & specific -

General: good health, everyday tasks -

Specific: fit for a specific activity - 5 **: strength, suppleness, stamina, speed, skill - Also: agility, power, co-ordination and balance

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3 Types: -

Static: force against an object e.g. rugby scrum -

Dynamic: holding body position e.g. handstand -

Explosive: quick movement e.g. explosive smash in volleyball

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- Also known as flexibility - It is the range of movement around a joint - It improves posture, performance - Helps prevent injury - 3 types of stretching to improve flexibility: - Static - Passive

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Also known as Endurance

2 types: -

Muscular Endurance: is the ability of a group of muscles to keep working e.g. press ups, sit ups - Cardiovascular

Endurance: is the ability of the heart & lungs to keep the body supplied with oxygen & blood for a long time

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