Pe - Key influences: resources

Pe - Key influences: resources

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Not all activities are readily available, e.g. windsurfing, mountain biking, hockey. If ot's difficult to get to a venue, you will be less likely to participate in that activity.

Even if a club exists there may not be appropiate standard e.g. only beginner sessions, which would be too easy.

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Will I be able to get in?

There may be barriers that mean you can't access a venue or activity:

  • an AGE requirement to take part
  • an PHYSICAL barriers, for example no wheelchair ramp or pool hoist
  • COST - an expensive activity may mean you have to opt for a cheaper alternative.

Access can overlap with location and socio-economic factors too.

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An activity needs to be available in a place you can easily get to:

Can I get there?

  • not too far away
  • accessible by public transport, so that you don't have to rely on someone to take you.

For example, many more poeple would ski in the UK but there is limited access to mountains or artificial slopes in the UK.

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Is the time right for me? And do I have enough time?

  • the time of the session needs to be suitbale for you e.g. when you have no other commitments.
  • You need to have enough time available. e.g. golf takes hours to play.
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