PE - Injuries

Revision notes on injuries

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Sprain = a damaged ligament. (ligament holds bones together)

  • 3 different types - inversion, exversion and high ankle sprain.

Bruise = blood vessels burst under the skin and cause discolouration.

Strain = a damaged muscle or tear in the muscle, caused by overstretching.

Fractures = a break in the bone. There are many different types of fracture.

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Closed Fracture = doesn't break the skin.

Compound Fracture = tears the skin and bone pokes out.

Greenstick Fracture = breaks part way across the bone.

Stress Fracture = small crack in bone caused by continuous stress     (RSI)

Comminuted = broken in more than 2 places.

Oblique Fracture = breaks at an angle.

Impacted Fracture = bones lock together.

Transverse Fracture = break straight across.

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Treating Injuries...

Use the RICE method when treating injuries...

R - rest

I - ice

C - compression

E - elevation

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