PE- cardio and respiratory system

Response of the cardiovascular to the physical activity

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Function of the heart

Atria- have a low pressure, contract and pushes blood into ventricles

Ventricles- High pressure to push blood away from heart

Valves- control direction of blood and prevent backflow

Blood vessels- Superior/inferior vena cava, pulmonary artery, pulmonary vein (x4), Aorta, coronary veins and cornory ateries

Cardiac muscle, allows contraction of chambers to push blood around

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Conduction system

Heart is myogenic

Impulse at SA node (wall of right atruim)-->

Atria walls (contraction)-->

Ventricle walls are insulated here)-->

AV node (in spetum)-->


Bundle of His-->

Purkinje fibres-->

Ventricle walls (contract)

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