Influence of sponsorship

Sponser ship primarily promotes their product. They will get involved in different ways have negitive as well as positive ones.

Types of sponsership

Equipment - this can range through all types of sport such as golf (golf balls) right through to speacilised training equipment such as a running treadmill

Clothing - can be very basic such as trackuits and or shirts, but other sports such as fencinng require specific clothing, which can be quite expensive.

Travel and transport - this can inlude flights free cars or petrol or courtesy drivers.

Unacceptable sponsership

Associated with tobacco products or smothing, as it is clearly not a healthy link, encouraging something that is clearly established as life threatening. Most smoking sponsership has now been banned by law and is illegal. an other example is alcoholic drinks.

Advanages and Disadvantages

- people can concentrate on their sport without financial worries

- sports can be promoted and succesful

- competitions are bigger and better

-Sponsers will get increased advertising, revenue, image, goodwill and even tax relief

-Sponsers may take over thee sport and start to dedicate rule changes, clothing requirements.

-if the iage of the sport is damaged, the spponser can withdraw support

-Minority sports find it difficult to attract sponsers

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