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6 Components of fitness

Agility - The ability to change direction quickly.

Balance - To be able to hold a position and stand still.

Co-ordination - The ability to use two or more body parts together.

Power - The ability to do strength performances quickly (Power = Strength + Speed)

Reaction Time - The Ability to react when needed.

Speed - An individual is able to perform a movement or cover a distance in a period of time.

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Principles Of Training


(S) - Specificity - Matching training to the requirements of an activity

(P) - Progression - As the body adapts to the training it 'progresses'

(O) - Overload - To make the body work harder than it would do normally

(R) - Reversibility - If training stops or is reduced then the body adapts

(T) - Tedium - If things became boring we are less likely to continue


(F) - Frequency - Planning how often to train

(I) - Intensity - How hard someone trains

(T) - Time - How long each training session is

(T) - Type - The methods of training chosen to achieve a person's particular goal. 

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