Healthy active lifestyle

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Social benefits of sport

Fulfilment by being part of a team

Development of teamwork and cooperation

Mix with people with similar interests

Chance to meet new people and make new friends

Increase in self worth

Challenges as you overcome the opposition as part of a team

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Physical benefits of sport

Burns stored up fat

Look/ feel good about yourself

Your body image would improve

Your muscle tone and posture would improve

Bone strengthening, improves flexibility

Your cardivascular system would improve

You would be less injury prone

Can increase life expectansy

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The mental benefits of doing sport

Satifaction of your own performance, promotes the feel good factor

Can provide excitment and enjoyment

it can relieve and aggresion that may have been built up

It develops a sense that they are part of something

It provides an opportunity for success

It reduces stress and tension as lifes problems can be forgotten

It increase self confidence and selfesteem in stressful conditions

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