PE - mechanics if breathing

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Inspiration at rest

 Diaphragm contracts
  External intercostals contract
 Diaphragm flatterns / pushed down
 Ribs/sternum move up and out
 Thoracic cavity volume increases
Lung air pressure decreases below atmospheric air
   Air rushes into lungs

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Expiration at rest

Diaphragm relaxes
External intercostals relax
Diaphragm pushes upwards
Ribs / sternum move in and out
Thoracic cavity volume decreases
Lung air pressure increases above atmospheric air
Air riches out of the lungs

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Inspiration during exercise

sternocleidomasoid contract
scalens contract
pectoralis major contract
diaphram flatterns with more force
increased lifting of ribs / sternum
increased thoracic cavity volme
lower air pressure in the lungs
more air rushes into the lungs

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experation during exercise

internal intercostals contract
rectus abdominus/obliques contract
diaphram pushes up harder with more force
greater decrease in thoracic cavity volume
higher air pressure in the lungs
more air pushes out of the lungs

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