PDD model of disruption to attachment.

Exploring the method of the pdd model and also the evaluation, my other card on robertson and robertson can be used to help expand these points.

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PDD Model- Robertson and Bowlby (1952)

Children separated from their mother sometimes showed a behaviour pattern that could be characterised in the following three stages:

1) Protest; crying, along with panic. The child would cling to the parent and struggle to escape from others that attempt to pick them up.

2) Despair; loss of hope and child is apathetic. They show little interest in their surroundings and show self comforting behaviours, appearing withdrawn and uninterested.

3) Detachment; child calms down. They seem less distressed compared to before and does not respond to the caregiver when they are re-united. Robertson and Bowlby thought the lack of distress was a disguise of true feelings.

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