Pavlov's Theory

contradicts Bowlbys Theory

Pavlov believes you start a clean slate and learn through the environent

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Classical conditioning

CL***ICAL - learning through association

like when you teach a dog to do tricks you use a clicker when they have done it well, then the get a treat.

the dog associates the click with food

so the neautral stimulus - the clicker

is paired with the unconiditioned stimulus - the food

which then gives out a body response - saliver

the neutral stimulus triggers the body response because its associated with the food.

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Operant Conditioning

OPERANT - learning through reinforcement

its either being praised/reinforced or punished for doing something

if a child hit another child and they were praised/reinforced for doing it, they would most likely do it again, to get praised/reinforced again

however if a child is punished for hitting another child, they wont do it again because they dont like being punished

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