Pattern-Reasons for Divorce

the changing patterns and trends that affect divorce

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Pattern-Reasons for Divorce

Changes in Law- Divorce reform act allowed divorce on "irretrievable differences" 1969, Matrimonial Act (1973), Equal pay act (1970), family law act (1996)

Declining Stigma- Individualism, Posmodernism: care for lifestly choice rather than stigma, co-parenting (Smart). The extended families and close-knit communities that exerted pressure on the 'shame and wickedness' of divorce are no longer significant

Secularisation- The decline of religion on families, Gibbs siad the decline weakens pressure and therefore divorce becomes more likely

Expectations Marriage- Fletcher: peoples expectations have increased, Allan&Crow: people expect more from marriage particularly women like love,satisfaction,commitment.

Position of Women- Second-way feminists challenge patriarchy. 2/3 of divorce applicants were women, Feminisation of labour force,Thornes and Collard said women expect more than men from marriage and give more care. 1990's most divorce positions were by women. Hart ( 1976) said it was a reaction to fraustrations of working class women.

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