Pastoral Poetry

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Hoticultural Show

"Sacrificed Beetroots display their bleeding hearts"

"Drawn in fine runes along"

Church Going

"Once I am sure there is nothing going on"

"When churches fall completely out of use, what shall we turn them into?"

A Chorus

"A power broods, invisible monarch, a stranger

To some"

"this holder together of space"

"But most he is the need that shows in hunger"

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A Peasant

"Bald Welsh Hills"

"Pens a few sheep in a gap of cloud"

"His clothes, soured with years of sweat"

Going, Going

"There would always be fields and farms"

"You try to get near the sea in summer"

Fern Hill

"Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs"

"And honoured among wagons I was prince of the apple towns"

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Horticultural Show

"Persephone's fruits utter where they have been. Where we are going"

"sacrificed beetroots display their bleeding heart"

"yet out in the world excitable"

Going, Going

"And that will be England gone"

"Before I snuff it"

"there would always be fields and farms

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Fern Hill

"Now as I was young and easy"

"Time let me hail and climb"

"Golden in the mercy of his means"

A Peasant

"Yet this is your prototype"

"yet season by season...preserves his stock. An Impregnable fortress"

Going, Going

"I thought it would last my time"

"there would always be fields and farms"

"they'll be books; it will linger on

In galleries"

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