pastoral poetry quotes

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The Garden- Andrew Marvell

  • " How vainly men themselves amaze"
  • "sacred plants"
  • "fond lovers, cruel as their flame"
  • "no name but your own be found"
  • "mortal beauty"
  • "what wondrous life is this i lead!"
  • "luscious"
  • "i fall on grass"
  • "without a mate"
  • "a place so pure and sweet"
  • womens effect on nature, damnation of women, sinful, fall of man, at one with nature, body and spirit, religion, pastoral lifestyle, idyll, garden of Eden, heavenly, bliss
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The Mower, against Gardens- Andrew Marvell

  • "Luxurious man... did after him the world seduce"
  • "where nature was most plain and pure"
  • "with strange perfumes he did the roses taint"
  • "flowers themselves were taught to paint"
  • "forbidden mixtures"
  • "adulterate fruit"
  • mans control over gardens, artificial, not what god intended, nature most pure when left to grow oganically, lustful, luxury, materialistic, sinful, interbreeding
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The Mower's Song- Andrew Marvell

  • "when Juliana came, and she what I do to the grass, does my thoughts and me."
  • "but these, while I with sorrow pine, grew more luxuriant still and fine"
  • "unthankful meadows"
  • "in one common ruin fall"
  • "I will adorn my tomb"
  • fall of man, nature does not reflect his feelings, although he is sad nature continues to grow happily and freely, all because a woman tempted him and said she did not love him, sinful women who tempt- Eve, wants to die, suicide?
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The Mower to the Glow-Worms- Andrew Marvell

  • "your courteous lights in vain you waste"
  • "for she my mind hath so displaced"
  • "I shall never fond my home"
  • destructive and distracting nature of love,
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Paradise Lost, Book IX- John Milton

  • "this garden, still to tend plant, herb, and flower, our pleasant task enjoined"
  • "looks intervene and smile"
  • "God hath asigned us"
  • messing with nature, Eden, Adam and Eve, temptress, sinful.
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