Pasteur and disease

Who, what, why, where, when

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Louis Pasteur

- 1850s - French Scientist Louis Pasteur became interested in micro-organisms --> asked to find out why their vats of alcohol were going bad

- Discovered that a particular microorganism was growing

- Developed Germ Theory. 'Germinating micro-organisms were the cause'

- Killed harmful bacteria by boiling liquid

- 1860 French Academy of Science organise 'SPONTANEOUS GENERATION' competition.

- SPONTANEOUS GENERATION - that decaying matter creates living organisms

- Pasteur devised experimetns to prove his theories. 1861 - 'GERM THEORY' published

- Linking micro-organisms to disease - found particular organism causing silkworm disease.

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Bacteria and Human Disease

- Pasteur = Scientist not Doctor

- So Robert Koch applied Pasteur's ideas to human diseases.

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