Party Manifesto's

Conservative Manifesto- 1979 MAGGIE THATCHER.

Five Tasks
1. Restore the health of our economic and social life. (controlling inflation- dealing with the trade unions.

2. Restore the incentives so hard work pays. "Success is rewarded and new jobs are created in an expanding economy"

3. To uphold parliment and the rule of law.

4. To support family life, by helping people become home-owners, raising living standards.

5. To strengthen Britains defences and work with allies to protect interests (threatening world)

Three changes to be made at once
1. Picketing- Workers have the right to peacefully persuade others by picketing at their own place of work. ensures that a citizen's right to go about their business and work with no intimidation.

2. The closed shop- Picketing has resulted in people losing their union cards if they do not cooperate. If they lose their job from a closed shop they must be entiteled to compensation.

3. Wider participation- Prevents trade unions from being dominated by extremists. encouragement of secret ballots for decision making. every trade unionist should be free to record his decisions.

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Labour 1945 Manifesto CLEMENT ATTLEE.

The Labour party wanted to create a social welfare state by investing into the more depressed areas in Britain.

The labour party said they would put the community first and the sectional interests of private businesses after..

1. Production must be raised to the highest level. "except from war we have never used our the whole of our productive capacity". Living standards will raise if production does too.

2. High and constant purchasing power, maintained through good wages. Taxation less for lower income groups. also, prices of necessities will be controlled.

3. Planned investement in essential industries and on houses, schools, hospitals and civic centres will occupy a large part of capital expenditure.

"There must be no depressed areas in new britain"

" The nation needs a tremendous overhaul, a great programme of modernisation and re-equipment of its homes, its factories and machinery, its schools, its social services"

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1964 Labour Manifesto- HAROLD WILSON.


" A new Britain, mobilising the resources of technology under a national plan"

Tackling the problems the Tories "stupidly brushed aside":

1.The imperative need for a revolution in our education system. will ensure the education of all our citizens.

2. The soaring prices in houses and land

3. social security benefits which had fallen below the minimal levels of human need.

4. The burden of prescription charges in the health service

Labour is committed to putting the freedom of the individual first.

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