Parliamentary law making.

Steps of law making.

Parliamentary law making.

  •  Around 650's MP's sit in the House of Commons
  • A bill is a proposed law under consideration by a legislature. Once a bill has been enacted into law, it is called an act of Statute
  • The government ministers introduce  government bill to Parliament.
  • MP's and Lord's introduce private members' bills to the Parliament. 
  • The Act of Parliament which started out as The Abortion Act.
  • The three bodies that play a role in passing an act are the Judiciary, ,Parliament/ the legislature and the executive Government. 
  • First Stage: formal introduction without any debate. Second stage: debates on any general principles of the bill. After this, a line by line examination of the bill. Then the chance for the whole House to discuss and amend the bill. Finally an opportunity for the final debate on the bill, 
  • The second reading is the main debate.
  • It is then repeated in the House of Lords. 
  • The final stage is the process a bill follows is Royal Assett.
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