Park and ride system

-Allows shoppers to park their cars in large designated parking areas on the edge of the urban area+ catch a bus into the town centre

-Free parking

-Charge for bus travel

-Located on the main routes coming into the urban area

-Easily accessible

-App. 40 people travel on one bus rather than in 40 individual vehicles

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Other sustainable transport systems

-Car sharing with workers

-Designated cycle+ walking paths within the urban area

-Road lanes only for cars with at least 2 passengers

-Pedestrianised areas- restrict private vehicle access, but allow buses+ trams to operate

-Road lanes giving priority to buses

-Restricting parking in urban areas

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-5 park+ ride sites covering all the main routes coming into the city

-The Madingly+ Trumpington road sites- M11

-The Milton+ Newmarket road sites- A14

-4500 parking spaces available

-Double-decker buses carry up to 70 passengers

-Leave every 10 mins during the day from Monday-> Saturday

-Costs 2.20 pounds/ day to catch the bus to the city centre

-Well-lit sites

-Security systems operating during opening hours

-Waiting rooms, toilets, baby changing facilities

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