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Argyle et al 1971- Paralinguistics

Aim: If tone of voice has any effect on the interpretation of a message

Method: Independant variable:Tone of voice of the message:

  • Hostile tone
  • Friendy tone
  • Neutral tone 

Dependant Variable:How people interpreted the message. Groups of people listened to a message that was either hostile in the words used or friendly in the words used in 3 different tones of voice.

Results: When asked to interpret the message the tone of voice had 5 times the impact than the words used.

Conclusion:Tone of voice is extremley important when trying to convey a message or how people interpret verbal meaning 

Evaluation: - Wsnt a normal everyday circumstance. Voice was pre-recorded so lacks ecological validity 

+lab study all additional variables were controlled so you know tone of voice was vaing the effect 

- Scale being used this meant that it was subjective, what 1 for 1 person could have been a 2 for another 

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