Paper 1, Section A -Key Things to Remember

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Key Points of an Arguement

Key Points of an Arguement

  • Identify the topic sentences
  • Locate the qualifying sentences
  • Give consideration to how the argument is concluded
  • Make sure that you cover the entire argument and not just one or two paragraphs


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Fact & Opinion

  • A fact is information that can be proven to be true
  • A false fact is information presented in a factual way but cannot be proven to be true
  • An opinion is a person's subjective viewpoint and cannot be proven to be true
  • Substantiation is information used to support an opinion
  • Facts are use to give the impression that a writer's opinion has a basis in quantifiable fact.
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How Writers Achieve Effects: Language

  • Look at Vocabulary & word choice
  • Consider the impact of the writer's syntactical style.
  • How do the writer's linguistic choices help the to engage their audience and achieve their purpose?
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How Writers Achieve Effects:Presentational Devices

  • Consider the effect of the images & photographs
  • How does the use of fonts and title design ehance meaning?
  • How do the titles and sub-headings help to lead the reader through the argument?
  • How do the writer's graphological choices help them to engage their audiences?
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General Reminders

  • Answer the Question!
  • Write in a Clear and Efficient Way!
  • MAKE SURE you keep to time !
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