Paper 1 non- fiction texts

this helps you revise what you need to look for in non-fiction texts

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non-fiction texts- make a LIST

LIST stands for:

  • Language
  • Information
  • Style
  • Tone


  • Is the language persuasive, informative, descriptive, childish or adult?
  • Is the language emotive?
  • Does it make you feel angry or sad?
  • Does the writer address you directly?


Is the information in the document factual, a series of the writer’s opinions, or a mixture of the two?


  • Is the document long and wordy with few pictures?
  • Is it written in short paragraphs with lots of pictures?
  • Is it written in bullet points?
  • Is it interesting or eye-catching to look at?
  • Is it a leaflet?


This is linked to language. Imagine how you would read this document aloud. Do you need a serious, humorous, sad or angry tone of voice?

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what my teacher told us: skim and scan for the parts that answer the question

embedd quotations

write in your own words to show the examiner that you understand

if you need any more tips of this part of the paper, you can sene me a message if you want, i am happy to help :-)

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