Paper 1 Media and Non-fiction presentational techniques

Here are a few of the presentational devices used in media and non-ficton texts. Presentation can make a big difference to how to reader views the text.

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Images and Illustrations

  • Things such as photos, cartoons, pictures etc are generally used to make the writing seem more interesting, and to aid the headline (in newspapers mainly) in catching the readers attention
  • What an image shows has a huge impact on the way the reader interprets the text
  • In newspapers and media texts, any pictures have been thought out carefully, to obtain a desired effect
  • Diagrams, maps, charts, etc are mostly used to clarify the information in the text.
  • However these can somtimes look daunting
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Headlines, Titles and Subheadings

  • These break up the text
  • Draw attention to the main points included
  • The headline is usually interesting and to the point, sometimes is envolves a pun or a joke
  • They can make the text look more managable
  • If the reader only wants to read a specific point, they can look for it by reading the titles etc.
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Logos and Slogans

  • Usually used in adverts and leaflets
  • Catch the readers eye and make them remember the company or product
  • Usually simple so they stick in the customers head, so they remember the company or product
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  • Used to obtain an effect, e.g. warm colours (Orange, yellow) can create a 'calm', 'friendly' peice of writing
  • Certain colours are linked to certain genders, age groups so can be used to attract a specific audience
  • Can create the mood and tone of a peice of writing
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Font style and type

  • Bold and italics are often used to highlight peices of texts, such as quotations
  • Underlining can also make points stand out as well as adding interest to the overall appearance of the text
  • Different font sizes add variety but often make the text look cluttered and unorganised
  • The same goes for different fonts, they add variety but also make the text look unorganised and cluttered
  • They often appear in articles, adverts and leaflets
  • UPPER and lower case... words put into UPPER CASE are usually made to look DRAMATIC or SENSATIONAL
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Other text features

  • These are things such as speech bubbles, arrows and borders
  • These help to create a formal or informal tone
  • As well as adding interest and aiming at a certain audience
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