Pakistan Water Conflict; What?

-The West Bank Mountain Aquifer consists of three sub-basins that partially cross the West Bank separation line. The aquifer also provides West Bank Palestinians with 80% of their total water.

-The current water deficit has led to severe deterioration of potable aquifer water resources that have either become brackish and/or polluted. The cause of this has been the increase in the demand for water for domestic uses due to the population growth and the rising standard for living in Israel.

- Therefore a water crisis has begun in Pakistan which is becoming critical. Their underground water supply has become unusable because of contamination and salt water is seeping into their supply, making the salt level rise above the health limit.  It is likely to collapse due to overuse and contamination. 2 and a half years of Israel’s blockade has prevented important parts of vital water projects being completed, fixed, maintained or completed. The war made it worse by destroying the little water and sanitation systems there are.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza is unique in that the Palestinian Authority has only limited self-rule in the Gaza *****. Moreover, the level of conflict itself varies as a result of many factors, only one of which is the distribution and availability of water. However, the fragility of the peace process and Gaza's self-rule is such that the conflict threatens to escalate.

These three types of water scarcity have contributed to deteriorating health standards, agricultural and economic decline, and increased socio-political tension between Israelis and Palestinians. As matters continue to worsen, the Palestinian Authority will find itself increasingly incapable of effectively dealing with probl

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