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The Arms Race and The assassinations.

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The build-up armies, 1900-14

All of the Great Powers, except for Britain, increased the size of their army during this period.

- In 1913 the French raised the period of conscription (compulsory millitary service) from two years to three. the Russians raised theirs from three to three and a half yaers. this change of policy gave both countries more trained soldiers.

- By 1913 the german army was very powerful. Only Russia had more soldiers.

- Britain was the only power that had not introduced conscription by 1914.

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The black hands

It is a terrorist group formed in 1910, wanted tounite all serds living in the balkans into a single 'Greater Serbia'. The group was led by a serb colonel by the name of Dragutin Dimitrijevic.

The Black Hands organised groups od bandits and trained assassins. in1911 the group attempted to assassinate the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef

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