Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, Character Quotes

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“I had to wait for Sinbad”

“I couldn’t sort out my little brother”

“I just wanted to hurt him.”

“Sinbad was a good player but none of us knew this.”

“I stood near Sinbad; he was my brother and he was holding a dead rat in his hand.”

“It was great, and I wanted to kill him. You couldn’t be proud of your little brother.”

“I could kill him in fights but the way he went scared me. He let me give him a hiding and then he just went away.”

"carrying my little brother on my back when he was too tired"

"I hated him…He cried. He wet the bed. He got away with not eating his dinner. He had to wear specs with one black lens".

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“He sometimes liked these questions, and sometimes he didn’t”

“My da was a liar.”

“He was mad sometimes, brilliant mad.”

“He didn’t look up. He was reading the paper.”

“I hated him for doing it. Newspapers were bastards.”

“Usually he was fair, and listened when we were in trouble.”

"That’s the stuff, said my da"

"I didn’t really want him to die or anything else; he was my da".

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“I guarded her.”

“she was he best ma around here. She really was.”

“I still loved her smell.”

"feeding the girls".

"she patted my head"

"she is trying to educate"

"I waited, listened; she was safe downstairs".

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Da and Ma

“I wanted to understand. I wanted to be on both sides.”

"I couldn’t stop it from starting"

"Her voice hadn’t changed; she wasn’t going to bully him"

“I knew the sound.”

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Liam and Aiden

“Aiden was the commentator. He was brilliant at it.”

“Separate, it was different. Aiden got smaller, unfinished looking. Liam became dangerous.”

“His [Liam’s] eyes. There was no shine on them.”

"howling at the moon"

"became dangerous".

"Liam and Aidan sometimes didn’t go to school. Their da let them stay home sometimes if they were good".

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“I didn’t care.”

“I wasn’t scared.”

"This was the most important thing that had ever happened to me; I knew it," 

"I had Kevin's blood on my trousers. I was on my own."

“He was a sap, a spoofer and a liar. He hadn’t a clue.”

"He always got ten out of ten, in everything,"


"I’m going to get you Clarke…D’you hear me?"

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Charles Leavy / James O'keefe / Ian McEvoy

"He said fck like - I wanted to say it exactly like him. It had to sound like no other word sounded, quick and sharp and fearless".



James O'Keefe

"It’s not fair, said James O’Keefe. – So it’s not".

Ian McEvoy

"Ian McEvoy really went to sleep one day when Henno told us all to go to sleep”".

"He just had little diddies, like a woman’s".

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“We could never get away with anything.”

"he is lazy …supposed to be looking after us but he wasn’t"

"Henno made us do the corrections".

"…had nearly carried me out,"

"…on Fridays; he biffed us as well. It gave him an appetite… he told us,"

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