Packaging and the Enviroment

Notes on the main features of products that have packaging and how packaging effects the enviroment

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Products are packaged in different materials

  • Variety of materials used to make packaging
  • Paper and card = bags and boxes
  • Textiles = bags
  • Metals = cans and foil trays
  • Plastics = bottles, trays, tubs and bubble wrap
  • Glasses = bottles and jars
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Packaging has several functions

  • Containing and storing products
  • Transporty them packaging protects them
  • Preserving contents
  • Need packaging to contain them
  • Makes it easier to store them - fit neatly
  • Products stored on top of each other has to be stron and not collapse
  • When transported need protecting stop breaking
  • Card board and bubble wrap protect from knocking
  • Its also used for security
  • Electrical equipment has anit theft devices - some filled with ink taken, if taken off without machine they break open and item is runied
  • Food tamper - evident seals, shows when open
  • Food products deterioate when exposed to oxygen
  • Sealed glass jars, bottles and cans are used as airtight packaging for food,drink and toothpaste
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Packaging has had enviromental impact

  • Paclaging uses up materials like plastic which is made out of crude oil- finite resource
  • The processes have an impact
  • Molding plastic uses energy from burning fossile fuels-air pollution and emits carbon dioxide leading to global warming
  • Disposed in landfill, packaging made from non biodegradble materials
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The enviromental impact can be limited

  • REDUCE = The amount of packaging, avoid unecessary packaging but items still need to be protected and preserved as they can still break/go off
  • e.g selling chocolated in a paper bag rather than plastic tray
  • USE SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS = uses materials that are made from renewable resources of are biodegradable
  • e.g corn starch can be used insted of polysterene
  • USE RECYCLED MATERIALS = this saves resources but it can be more expensive
  • e.g use recycled paper then no trees have to be cut down to make new paper
  • RE-USE PACKAGING = this reduces amount of new packaging that has been made. It can have an enviromental impact if products need transporting/cleaning first
  • e.g. printer cartridges can be retured for refilling
  • RECYCLE PACKAGING = Old packaging can be used to make the same or different products so less resources used up
  • e.g plastic bottles can be recycled into textiles
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