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They are against form of violence and use of force.

They are called 'pacifists', they believe peace is always the best aim.

They refuse to take part in any fighting or the armed forces.

During a war, they are known as 'consientious objectors' - because they object to taking part, because of their conscience.

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They may not fight in the war but they still help out.

They drive ambulances, stretcher bearers.

Some argue that you have to be brave to help out in a war with no weapons, as they have to be front line to help the soldiers.

They are not cowards.

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Nuclear Warfare

  • Few christians support this because atom bombs can not be controlled, and thousands of innocent people can be killed.
  • They may support having the weapons as a deterrence but not to use.

Hiroshima, Nuclear bomb explosion:

  • 2/3 of Hiroshima destroyed. People were reduced to dust. Buildings demolished, clay tiles melted together.
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Holy War

  • When a group declares a 'holy war', they believe that God is on their side.

Does God pick sides?:

  • Many people argue that it can't be right for religious belivers to fight, because they think that killing is wrong.
  • All religions teach kindness, justice and compassion for others.
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