P5 - Space for Reflection

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Satellites & Vectors - Questions


  • Why are geostaionary satellites placed in an orbit that takes 24 hours?
  • Compare the force on a satellite 40,000Km above the Earth with one 80,000Km above the earth.
  • Compare the height of a polar orbit satellite to the height of a geostationary satellite.
  • Show what the approximate speed of a low polar obrit is 7.5Km/s. Assume radius of Earth is 6400Km.


  • Which of these are scalar quantities:Mass, temperature, force, acceleration and volume?
  • What is the resultant of two perpendicular forces of 9N and 12N?
  • A renault Espace accelerates from 0-30M/s in 3s. How far does the car travel in that time ?
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Projectile motion & Momentum - Questions

Projectile motion

  • Heaver serces at tennis, striking the ball horizontally. What is the horizontal acceleration of the ball as it crossed the court to her opponent?
  • As heather serves, the tennis ball is 2.45m above the ground. The serve beats her opponent, how long is the ball in the air before it hits the ground?
  • A golf ball has a mass of 45.9g. Calculate the force acting on it when its in flight.


  • Calculate the momentum of a 0.15Kg cricket ball travelling at 30M/s.
  • Calculate the force on a 55Kg pssenger if a seat belt takes 0.75s to bring her to rest from an intial velocity of 18M/s.
  • When a parachutist lands, he bends his legs. Explain why.
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Satellite communication & Nature of waves.

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