P4 - Explaining Motion

These are all the Equarions for the 21st century Sceince exam in P4

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P4 - Equations Ocr

1) Distance (m) = Speed (m/s) x Time taken(s)

2)Momentum (Kg m/s) = Mass (Kg) x Velocity (m/s)

3)Change of Momentum (kg m/s) = Resultant Force(N) X Time for whihc force acts for

4) Work Done(J) = Force (N) X Distance (m)

5)Change in Energy(J) = Work Done (J)

6)Change in G.P.E (J) = Weight (N0 x Vertical height Difference (M)

7) Kinetic Energy (J) =1/2 X Mass (Kg) x Velocity2 (M/S)

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