P4 21st Century Science Revision GCSE

Revision cards on the P4 module- explaining motion. Hope they help and good luck in your exams!

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What is Gravitational Potential Energy?

Gravitational potential energy = energy stored within an object as it is raised to a height against  the force of gravity

GPE is alos a way of storing kinetic energy- to lift something, you increase its GPE. This energy is then only released when the object falls, and so is converted into kinetic energy.

Change in GPE (Joules, J) = Weight (Newtons, N) x Change in height (Metres, m)

E.g. A 80kg jumps to a height of 2m on a trampoline. Calculate his change in GPE

      (80x10) x 2 = 1,600J (remember, you may need to convert kg in N)

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