P3 Revision - Hydraulics

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-A vaccum is a space where there are no particles at all

-Liquids cannot be compressed, because the particles are already close together.

-Therefore, liquids can be used to send forces from one space to another in hydraulic systems

 1 Pa = 1 N/cm²

 Pressure = force / area

-The pressure stays the same throughout the liquid

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Hydraulic Systems

-Pressure throughout the liquid must be the same so pressure in the bigger cylinder must be equal to the pressure in the smaller cylinder

-The smaller cylinder acts as a force multiplier

 F / A = f / a       and so       F = f  A / a

'Output force' = force on small piston x (area of large cylinder / area of small cylinder)

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Uses of Hydraulics

-Hydraulic brakes in cars and some mountain bikes

-Hydraulic press and jack

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