P3 Medical Physics

Defintions of key words

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Action Potential

the change in electrical potential that occurs across a cell membrane

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the destruction of a particle and its anti-particle as a result of a collision between them usualyy accompanied by the emission of gamma radiation

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Basal Metabolic Rate BMR

the energy required to keep the body functioning when resting

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Electrocardiogram ECG

the measurement of the electrical changes in the heart muscles

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a device based on fibre optics used to examine internal organs

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Gamma Rays

electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength and high energy involved in nuclear processes

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Momentum Conservation

a universal law qhich states that the momentum before a collison is the same as the momentum after

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Palliative Care

the forms of medical care or treatment that alleviate the severity of the symptons or slow down the progress of a disease

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the anti-particle of the electron possessing a postive electrical charge +1

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Positron Emission Tomography PET

a scanning device based on the detection of gamma rays emitted by a natural biochemical substance containing positron-emitting isotopes introduced into human tissue

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Pulse Oximetry

a non-invasive method used to determine the amount of oxygen carried by haemoglobin in a patient's blood

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Do you need to remember a lot of key words on the topic of medical Physics and want to save yourself some time? Well why not read the definitions that are already here made for you!

This can be used for all exam boards that contain an element of medical physics in their syllabus, such as OCR gateway and AQA triple Science.

Once you have finished, you can test yourself!

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