P2 1: Motion

This is the first chaper of Physics Unit 2 for ppl who do AQA exam on the 10th June 09.
Im going to carry on making one for each chapter hopefully to help me out and well for your revision dudes and dudettes to read ! :D

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Distance time graphs

- shows the motion of a body from the starting point against the time taken.
- the slope line represents the speed

- The D,S, T triangle. Speed = distance/time

- Speed is in m/s , metres per second
- Distance is Always in metres
- Time is Always in seconds

- Steeper the line = Greater the speed

- When the line is straight = Stationary body

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Velocity time graphs

- Velocity is Speed in a given Direction.
- the slope line represents the acceleration

- The V, A, T triangle , remember the change in velocity so highest - lowest

- Accelertation is in m/s squared

- When the line is straight = Constant speed
- Sloping line = Acceleration
- When the line is going the other way, negative = Deceleration
- the Area underneath is the distance travelled.

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