P2 - Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming and Climate Change


Greenhouse Effect

  • gases in earth's atmosphere filter out some radiation from sun by absorbing or reflecting it.
  • some other radiation passes through easily, like visible light
  • earth's surface is warmed up by absorbing some radiation
  • earth also emits some of this back into space
  • atmosphere acts as an insulating layer
  • known as greenhouse effect
  • greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour
  • human activity causing greenhouse gases to increase
  • these activities include increase in travel, using more energy, releasing more carbon dioxide, deforestation, cattle farming, decaying landfill waste, power stations, etc.
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Global Warming and Climate Change

  • burning fossil fuels increases carbon dioxide in atmosphere
  • global temperature risen due to this, as it increases greenhouse effect
  • scientific consensus that humans are the cause of global warming
  • due to global warming, many countries suffer droughts
  • hurricanes forming with the hotter weather
  • climate change will affect food production as ground too dry to grow on
  • natural causes of climate change;
    • ash from volcanoes
    • gases from volcanoes
    • changes in earth's orbit of sun
  • human causes of climate change;
    • burning fossil fuels
    • soot produced by factories
    • gases produced by factories
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