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P1G Fast Facts

- Wireless technology uses electromagnetic radiation.

- The advantages of wireless technology are:

  • No external/direct connection to a telephone needed
  • Portable and convenient
  • Allows access when on the move

- The advantages of DAB radios are:

  • More stations available
  • Less interference with other broadcasts

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P1G Fast Facts

- The disadvantages of DAB radios are:

  • Poorer quality compared to FM.
  • Not all areas covered.

- Radiation used for communication is refracted and reflected and this can be an advantage or disadvantage for good reception.

- Wireless technology: TV, Mobile phones, Radio, Laptops.

- Radio waves exhibit total internal reflection.

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Explain how long-distance communication uses satel

- Communication to and from satellites uses microwaves. But the wavelengths need to pass easily through the Earth's atmosphere without too much absorption.

- The signal from a transmitter is transmitted into space where it's picked up by the satellites receiver dish orbiting thousands of kilometres above the Earth in a different direction where it is received by a satellite dish on the ground. 

- Mobile phone calls travel as microwaves from your phone to the nearest transmitter (mast). The transmitters pass signals between each other, then back to your mobile phone.

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