Ovid Metamorphosis

Book 1, 3, 8 summaries

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Chaos, crude unstructured mass, no sun or moon

Earth and sea mashed together god of nature arrives, no gods made, separates earth, sea and sky, separates four elements: fire, air, earth, water

Earth made round, makes terrain

Creates Arctic, Antarctica, Equator, two hemispheres

Made weather and two types of lightning (fork and sheet)

North, East, South, West and armosphere made

Stars created, living creatures, fish, beasts, birds

First the gods then man

Prometheus- lengendary creator of man

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The Four Ages

Golden- natural, peaceful, no war, all year round Spring, no damage, Saturn ruling, no     punishments

Silver- new season, more weather, farming, houses, towns/villages, Jupiter ruling

Bronze- war, weapons created

Iron- brute force, self-sufficiency, jealous, mining, gold, running out food and resources, exploring          boundaries

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The Giants

Giants try to take over by climbing Olympus

Jupiter destroys the giants with lightning

Human race created from their blood; they are hungary, violent, passionate

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Jupiter threatens to destroy mankind with a flood, uses Lycaon as an example

Lycaon doesn't believe that Jupiter was a god (in human form); plans to kill Jupiter, kills one of Jupiter's guests; serves the roasted flesh to Jupiter; Jupiter turns him into a wolf= represents Lycaon as being bloodthirsty

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The flood

Jupiter causes the flood

Fills the world and sky

Everything drowned

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Deucalion and Pyrrha

Only people left from the flood

Go to the Coryrithian cave and pray to the goddess of propechy Themis

Rewarded for their piety

Told to cast the bones of their mother over their shoulders; they are confused but obey

The stones turn into men and women

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Monstrous serpant slayed by Apollo

The Pythian games founded in his honour

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Apollo and Daphne

Apollo teases Cupid about being a feeble boy

Cupid shots two arrows; one makes Apollo fall in love with Daphne, the other makes Daphne repulse Apolle

Apollo chases after Daphne whilst declaring his love; Daphne asks her father (Peneus the river god) to help her; she gets turned into a laurel tree; Apollo uses it for his crown

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Jupiter rapes Io

Turns her into a cow to hide her from Juno

Juno knows it's Io and asks for the cow as a present

Io is guarded by Argus (100 eyed shepherd)

Mercury sends Argus to sleep so that Io can escape

Mercury kills Argus and he gets turned into peacock feathers

Io goes to her dad, Inachus; she writes her name in the dirt and her dad notices; he is regretful

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Pan and Syrinx

Pan falls in love with Syrinx, a nymph

She turns into marsh reeds to hide from Pan

Pan takes the reeds and turns them into panpipes

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He looks for his father

Finds out his father is the sun (sun god Apollo)

He wants to be like his dad and prove himself so he takes the reins of the chariot; he cannot control the chariot; he burns earth and the surroundings

Jupiter saves Phaethon and the earth by killing him with thunderbolts 

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Europa gets kidnapped by Jupier in the form of a bull

Cadmus gets exiled by his father to find his sister

He goes to the Delphi and prays to Apollo

Apollo gives him a cow to follow and found a city

Cadmus and his men meet a huge serpant

Cadmus kills the serpant; Minerva tells him to bury the teeth in the ground and the people become men; the start to fight among each other; only 5 remain and the men found Thebes

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Actaeon goes hunting

He stumbles into a part of the wood and finds Diana bathing

He gets turned into a stag and then killed by his own hunting dogs

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Gets impreganted by Jupiter

Starts to boast about it and makes Juno jealous

Juno disguises herself as her maid and tricks Semele into asking Jupiter to see him in his full regina

Jupiter makes a promise on the river Styx (cannot go back on his promise)

His full regina involves lightning bolts and as Semele is a human she gets killed

Jupiter takes the infant and sews him into his thigh

The infant is Bacchus

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Jupiter and Juno are arguing about the enjoyment of love

They ask Teiresias as he has experienced being a man and woman (knocking two snakes together)

He agrees with Jupiter; Juno makes him blind but Jupiter gives him the prophecy

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Echo and Narcissus

Teiresias makes a prophecy that is Narcissus will be alive as long as he doesn't know himself

Echo protects Jupiter from Juno; Juno turns her into an Echo

She sees Narcissus and falls in love with him; she echoes everything he says; Narcissus says 'We must come together', she takes it the wrong way and runs away and hids

Narcissus sits by a river; sees his reflection and falls in love with him; he dies

Narcissus turns into a lily

Echo slowly dies

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Acoetes and the Lydian Sailors

Bacchus pretends to be a drunken little boy; asks to go to Naxos; Acoetes is pious and wants to take him there but the sailors don't

The sailors trick him and take Bacchus the wrong way

He turns all of the sailors into dolphins

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Scylla and Minos

Scylla falls in love with King Minos whom she has never met and is her father's enemy; her father has a lock of red which if taken means his kingdom will falls

Scylla takes it to prove her love to Minos; Minos tricks her and takes the lock and leaves

She tries to swim after them but her father attacks her (he's a bird) and she is also transformed into a bird

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Ariadne and the Minotaur

Daedilius creates a mechanical bull for King Mino's wife; she gives birth to the minotaur

The minotaur is put into a maze by King Mino (created by Daedilius) and every nine years 7virgin men and women and sacrificed to the minotaur as food
Thesus volunteers to kill it; Ariadne falls in love with Thesus and wants to help; sje holds the end of a string at the beginning of the maze so that Thesus can find his way out.

He takes her to a rock and abandoned her there; Bacchus falls in love with her, throws her crown into the sky and constellation is formed.

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Daedilius and Icarus

Daedilius and Icarus are sent into jail by King Minos. He builds wings for them to escape. Icarus flys to close to the sun and the wax of his wings melt. He drowns in the sea.

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Daedilius and Perdix

When burying his son, Daedilius sees a partridge laughing. It reminds him of his nephew, Perdix whom he killed.

He was jealous of Perdix as he was better inventor, creating compasses. He pushes him down the Acropolis, sacred temple of Minerva but Minerva transforms gim into a partridge.

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Meleager and the Calydonian Boar

Diana was forgetten and therefore wasn't worshipped. She sends a boar to the city, and Thesus and his party try to kill it.

Meleager falls in love with Atlanta. Atlanta hits the boar but Meleager kills it. He gives Atlanta a gift but his uncles get jealous. They threaten Atalanta so Meleager kills them both.

Althaea (his mother) see them return and is happy about Meleager killing the boar but begins to grieve when she finds out her brothers are dead.

She wants seek to revenge but it is a dilemma, she kills Meleager by burning his life log (a prophecy); he burns from the inside out. His dad and sisters are grieving. Diana turns them into guiena-pigs

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Achelous, the naiads and Perimele

Thesus is trying to get pass the river but can't. The river god Achelous invites him into his cave. He tells him about how he turned the nymphs into islands as they forgot to invite him to a banquet.

Achelous fell in love with Perimele and ***** her. Her father found out and throw her into the sea. Neptune transformed into an island for Achelous.

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Baucis and Philemon

Thesus and his friends were with Achelous and were telling stories. 

Jupiter and Mercury came to Earth in disguise; they needed a place to stay but were turned by everyone but Philemon and Baucis.

Philemon and Baucis were poor and old but it didn't matter to them. They were contempt with waht they had. They gave the gods their best and then the gods kept refilling the wine jar. P&B thought it was a miracle and therefore was going to make a sacrifice.

Jupiter and Mercury told them that they were gods. They said that they were going to punish everyone who turned the away. P&B wasn't punished as they were pious. The gods gave them a wish; P&B wished to never be separated and to die together and to guard the temple which their home transformed into. They were turned into trees.

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Erysichthon despised Ceres (goddess of harvest) and so cut down her sacred tree. To punish him Ceres sent hunger. Erysichthon become hungry forever. He sold his daughter (Mestra) for food.

Mestra escaped from her capturer and Neptune gave her the power to be what ever she wanted so that she couldn't found. Neptune sold her as livestock.

Erysichthon ate himself.

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