Overview of Rise to power


Rise to Power - Overview

Why did Hitler come to power?

  • Failings of the Weimar Republic

Proportional Representation = hard to get overall majority, too many elections = succession of weak coalition gov*, difficult for laws to be passed. Allowed extreamist parties to get seats. 

  • Treaty of Versailles

Lost industrial land, demilitarisation of Rhineland, Humiliation, £6.6billion reparations, loss of territory (alsace lorraine given to France, Saar)

  • Hyperinflation

Defaulted on payments Dec 1922, France invaded Rhur to remove materials Jan 1923, Worker told to strike - still got paid, printing of more money caused it to be worthless. DAWES PLAN!!


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  • Appeal of the Nazis

Simplistic and vague policies began to appeal to many people during their economic hardship, jobs promised to the 6 million unemployed so future sounded great. Promised to return Germany to her former glory which manipulated younger generation. Promise to rid Treaty of Versailles which appealed after the humiliation they suffered. Hitler's presidential campaign established him as a credible candidate - fly to 20 cities in 6 days - very ambitious.

  • Political Miscalculation

Franz Von Papen advised Hindenburg that Hitler could provide relief to their economic strain and Hitlers actions could be controlled. 

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