overall eval of cognitive schizophrenia

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positive evaluation

+ the cognitive approahc is useful in explaining the behaviours of people with schizophrenics because it explains why they have certain symptoms such as delusions and halucinations.

+ they also explain schizophrenia in terms of brain structure and genetics links, therefore they are holistic rather than reductionist.

+ they use testable explanations which means their theories can be tested using reliable research methods.

+ they argue that shcizophrenia is characterized by profound thought distcurbance, which means that their theory has good mundane realism because its outlining how schizophrenics behave and what causes them to behave so.

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negative evaluation

- they fails to explain the cause of schizophrenia but they simply describe the symptoms in terms of cognitive processes.

- although they have some links to the neuropsychological underpinnings, they are however limited in the sense that they do not directly explain the onset of schizophrenia.

- determiniscti in the sense that the say that schizophrenics have no control at all of their cognitions which leads to them developing symptoms of schizphrenia.

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