Out of town retail centres - Meadowhall

Revision cards for the case study of Meadowhall for out of town retail centres for the GEOG03 exam.

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General Information

  • 8th largest shopping centre in the UK
  • Built in the late 1980s, opened on the 4th September 1990
  • More than 280 stores
  • Around 30 million visitors from across the country each year


Stores and facilities include:

  •  Hollister, M&S, Apple Store and Argos
  • Oasis, a large dining quarter
  • Vue cinema with late screenings
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Why this location?

  • Room for expansion and for large, free car parks
  • The brownfield land which it was built on was cheaper than inner-city land
  • Near suburban housing (work force)
  • Easy access (M1 junction 34)


Meadowhall is the only shopping centre in the UK to have its own bus, rail and tram interchange:

  • 120 busses each hour
  • 400 trains each day
  • Supertram every 10 minutes
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Impacts on Sheffield

  • Takings down 25% in inner-city shops
  • Some shops closed and vandalized, giving the city an unnatractive appearance
  • Negative social impact on people such as the elderly who don't want to travel
  • Sheffield fell from being one of the top 10 non-food centres in the 1980s to 30th
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