Out of the blue Suject Matter and Form

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Subject Matter

Armitage wrote the poem on the fifth anniversery of the 9/11 attacks in which 2 976 people died and 67 of which were British citizens.

In the poem Armitage uses persa to speak through a characters voive. He chooses a iconic figure of a person who is haning from a window on the 80th floor of the north tower. She is trying to avoid the unbearable heat of the fire behind her. She is desperately trying to get someones attention by waving a White T-shirt she soon relises that she has been spotted and begins to talk to one of the people who can see her (the reader) this creates a delicate, intimate human connection whoch unfortuantly is tragic as the reader and helpless making the narrator doomed to die.

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Form and structure

The poem is short, four line stanzas this suggests the writers attempt to sustain self control. The lines however change in length showing his change in emotion. It starts with short, questions and clear thoughts like "as a bird goes by" and "when will you come". To more longer stanzas that show desperate awareness that his life is poised above a appaling void.

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