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Material deprivation- POVERTY(flaherty) , POOR HOUSING , POOR DIET(howard)

  • 90% of schools are located in deprived areas
  • in 2006 only 33% of children recieving free school meals gained 5 A*-C grades
  • FLAHERTY(2004) found that money promblems were in a factor in young childrens non-attendance at school.
  • 20% of thoose eligible for free school meals did not take them- scared of being bullied.
  • homeless children are 2-3 times more likely to miss school
  • a child living in an overcrowded house is 10 times more likely to catch meningintis
  • more than one million children in britian live in bad housing and if living in bad housing you are up to 25% more likely to catch bad health or a disabillty.

CYCLE OF DEPREVATION- poverty passes from one generation to the next.

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cultural deprivation - INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT, LANGUAGE , ATTIDUDES AND VALUES ( parents attidudes and values are fundemental )

INTELLECTUAL: (this essentially refers to the development of thinking and reasoning skills)

  • Lower class may not have the time to read and play with their children.
  • The money to pay for toys and books
  • They may not have the knowledge that reading to their children and encourging them to play with educational toys is benefited.


  • M/C = ELOBRATED CODE - wider vocab, uses longer grammatically more complex sentances
  • W/C= RESTRICTED CODE - limted vocab and simple sentances often unfinished.
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relates to language, belifs and values and terms that m/c parents transmit to their m/c children.

ecnomic capital can be transerred into educational capital:

  • Pay for private education tutors
  • pay for extra resources
  • move into catchment area for a better school.

M/C have an advantage as they have more cultural capital and teachers share values with m/c children. EVIDENCE:  (sullivan) - conducted a survey of 465 pupils in four schools she found m/c:

  • read more, watched more documentrys, had a wider vocab and did more activities.
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evaluation points

FEINSTEIN: main reason why w/c children under acheived at school was because the parents lach of intrest.

HYMAN: belives that w/c belive they have less opportunity for indivisual success and place little value on acheiveing a high status job. leave early to take on manual work, they dont want educational success or know how to get it.

SUGARMAN: ( values that might impact on the ability of w/c to achieve )

Fatalism- whatever will be will be. Collectivism- value being part of a group over indivisual sucess. Immediate gratification - seeking pleasure now and not thinking about the future effect. Presant time orientation- the complete lach of a goal in life.

Promblem with the cultural deprivation theory is that it blames home and therefore does not moake the goverment or education system take resbonsibilty.

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